The 3-day Platteville Historic Re-enactment showcases the history of America’s Upper Mississippi Valley from the mid-1700s to 1840, featuring educators, artisans, and re-enactors all taking part in the celebration.

The Historic Re-enactment presents a hands-on living history experience for the general public, as well as thousands of students whose visit enhances their educational curriculum.

September 2020 marked the first time the in-person Platteville Historic Re-enactment was substituted with a virtual event. Enjoy this video celebration of the Platteville Historic Re-enactment, and we hope to see you next year, the weekend after Labor Day, at Mound View Park! We look forward to sharing the experience!

This video was produced with support from the Platteville Community Fund.

Content for Learning

The following video content provides some inspiration and tools to use as teachers work with their students. Teachers can use this material for preparatory work before the annual Historic Re-enactment or for assignments and projects after a visit to the event. We hope it will spark some memories of past visits to the Historic Re-enactment, and build anticipation for future visits. Activities and resources are paired with each module.

Key People & Activities of the Mid-1700s to 1840

This unit focuses on five emphasis areas: Craftspeople, Fur Trade, Voyageurs, Military, and Native Americans. Resources and Activities follow the 7:42 video.



Grand Portage National Monument
From homepage go to:  Watch Our Park Film “Rendezvous With History” (watch carefully – you might see some familiar faces!); History & Culture at Grand Portage; Explore the Monument Virtually

 Fort William Provincial Park
Click on the “About Us” tab to find the “Our History” drop-down list; click on “Fort William Circa 1815”

Mackinac State Parks
Click on “Explore At Home”; on the drop-down list, click on “Explore the Sites”
“Virtual Colonial Michilimackinac” series of videos
“Virtual Fort Mackinac”

 Wisconsin Historical Society
Click on “Teach & Learn Wisconsin History," search topics such as “fur trade history”, “early military history”, etc.

Colonial Williamsburg
Click on the “Explore” tab; click on “Historic Trades”

Native Americans
Wisconsin First Nations
The Ways


Canoe Building  
Wiigwaasi-Jiimaan: These Canoes Carry Culture
Mino-Gizhig, Wayne Valliere, Lac Du Flambeau Ojibwe

Daily Life
All kinds of topics (cooking, music, crafts, cabin construction, etc.)

Colonial Williamsburg
Click on the “Learn” tab; click on “Teacher Resources” in drop-down menu.  Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to find “Videos."


Bagpipes in the Fur Trade:


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