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Save the Boxing Squirrels! - Taxidermy Restoration Project

The pre-1920 boxing squirrels diorama has become a local icon.
The pre-1920 boxing squirrels diorama has become a local icon.
This 1917 Beetown golden eagle clutches an arrow honoring WWI.
This 1917 Beetown golden eagle clutches an arrow honoring WWI.

Taxidermy restoration was identified as a “High Priority and Urgent” recommendation in the grant-funded 2021 Collections Assessment for Preservation project. In response, the Museum is now fundraising to engage conservator Terry Brown to restore two important taxidermy dioramas and to train the staff on doing its own care for the remaining specimens. Besides decades of dirt, historic taxidermy frequently contains arsenic, pesticides, and heavy metals that can pose a health threat to staff and visitors — and therefore calls for a specialist. The pre-1920 boxing squirrel diorama and the 1917 Beetown golden eagle were selected for restoring and encasing in vitrines. Help support this important initiative!

Museum Wish List

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Once the Friends of The Mining & Rollo Jamison Museums have met their annual commitment to fund nearly $50,000 in general museum operations plus several museum programs, they support the museum by helping to fund special projects. Following is our wish list of items the museum would like for special projects related to collections care, programming, and events.

Gravity Flow 300-Gallon Fuel Tank on Stand (for fueling train) - $3,412

Exterior Museum Interpretive and Navigational Signage Fund - $3,000

Collections Care Supplies Fund - Total $2,000

Polyethylene/Polypropylene, and Acid-Free Storage Boxes
Ethafoam Shelf Lining
Teflon Furniture Sliders
Forearm Forklift

RECEIVED!  - Weaver Player Piano and Concert Roller Organ Repairs - $1,600

RECEIVED! - Square Register Kit Point of Sale System - $1,500

RECEIVED! - Pressure Washer - $700

Waterproof Cover System for 2 Train Passenger Cars - $250

RECEIVED! - New Wrench and Socket Set (one English, one metric) - $250

RECEIVED! - Boxing Squirrel Costume (for parades and programs) - $100

master plan

Site & Facility
Comprehensive Plan

By advancing plans for the next phase of museum campus design, we reaffirm a commitment to serving our community for decades to come and to inspiring the next generation of thinkers, makers, doers, and innovators! Learn more here.

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Gail E. & Wesly E. Kopp Memorial Pollinator Garden

Celebrate the Heritage Day jigsaw art of longtime volunteers Gail and Wes Kopp while nourishing butterflies, hummingbirds and bumblebees. Extend the Main Street pollinator garden along Virgin Avenue and add interpretive signage about conserving these important species.

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