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Winter Lyceum: “The Archeology of the Driftless Area”

Winter Lyceum: “The Archeology of the Driftless Area”

Ernie Bozhardt and Danielle Benden Present “The Archeology of the Driftless Area”
This accomplished archeological team offers a discussion on the archaeology of the Driftless Area with an emphasis on key sites south of the Wisconsin River. We propose an introduction and brief overview of the region’s 13,000-year culture history with some specifics devoted to the early Paleoindian Withington site in Grant County, the Early Archaic Bass and Osceola sites, Preston and Brogley Rockshelters that have Archaic through Woodland components, Effigy mounds (including recent Lidar discoveries), the Mississippian Fred Edward site and rock art at Gottschall Rockshelter.

March 14, 2021 @ 5:00 pm 6:30 pm

$4 for single event or $20 for a Season Pass for all 7 Lyceum presentations.
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