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Winter Lyceum (7 of 7)

Kevin Watson Presents “Not So Easily Lead: From Weardale to Wisconsin with the Miners of the North Pennines”

April 2, 2023 @ 5:00 pm 6:30 pm

Just off one of the highest stretches of road in the north of England in a place called Killhope there stands an impressive wrought-iron water wheel. Nearly 34 feet in diameter and six feet wide, it stands as a testament to Victorian ingenuity and, in the case of lead mining in the area, the ability of the Victorians to use and reuse not steam but water to power the industrial revolution in this part of the world. In his talk, Kevin Watson will give an overview of lead mining in the North Pennines of England, showing how the dominance of two companies allowed for an efficient and effective use of resources. The talk will also explore what life was like for those who worked in the mines and what ultimately led some to seek out new beginnings in the lead mining region of Wisconsin. REGISTER AND VIEW MORE PROGRAMS AND EVENTS

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