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Winter Lyceum (6 of 7)

Designer Aris Georges Presents “Nature Patterns: Generating Creative Energy Through Geometric Abstraction in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin”

March 26, 2023 @ 5:00 pm 6:30 pm

Knowledge of using geometry and pattern as a language of composition has been developing for decades at Taliesin, the rural Driftless Area-based design studio of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, coming together for practice and creation in a long-standing design workshop known as “nature patterns.” When Aris Georges trained in nature patterns as a student in the ’80s, his love for geometry, born in the vigorous Greek secondary curriculum, found new wind. With a growing conviction that geometry is an essential exercise in design education, Aris Georges started teaching the class when he became a member of the senior fellowship in the ’90s. He dubbed the workshop “design etudes” to emphasize that the nature of the exercise is to practice design moves, not unlike the musical etudes, as studies of ideas independent of a larger composition (in this case, architectural design). The digital design tools emerging in recent decades and spreading like a wildfire bring a layer of challenge to the exercise. The speed and precision with which the computer can map complex patterns in relatively simple steps brings new excitement and energy to the process. REGISTER AND VIEW MORE PROGRAMS AND EVENTS

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